Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Batik Parang

Just quick update about this lovely traditional ootd. 
This post is about traditional fabric from the one and only my country, Indonesia. 

 I'm wearing a cool Batik Parang shirt.  Parang is the one of the oldest motif of Indonesian Batik from Solo. "Parang" comes from a word "pereng" that means a slope , describe a line dropped from the high to the low diagonally. The composition of the motif like "S" is symbolizes continuity, was taken from ocean waves that describe the spirit that never goes out. 

As a traditional fabric, it doesn't mean can't be something with modern way. This lovely shirt is custom made by TIK Privé, it's a clothing line from Indonesia, You can check out their instagram @tikprive or you can visit the website on for more information.

Bowler hat H&M . Batik Shirt TIK Priv√© . Tote bag H&M . Shoes NIKE .


For a long long long time ago, I had a plan to make something called typography
and than for the first time I finally did it in the last day of 2014!!!!!!


yea! this is my very late post of my very first typography and I gave it to all the people!
Hope it can be a wonderful beginning in 2015 for me 

and let our dreams come so true!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


25.12.2014....Bells are ringing!  


Have a blessed ones and may your wildest dreams come true!
Happy Holiday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Last college day in 2014!

Well, finally I'm back to blogging because I had soo ssooo many assignments that should to submitted before this holiday. So here's my very first outfit post, YEY!

Holiday is coming! It's time to say "see ya" to college life! 19.12.14 is the last day of my college life in 2014. Verry Excited, but sorry not sorry I still have some assignments that I should do in this holiday. First is make a Suit from my fashion design project, second is make a knitting sweater and the last is INTERNSHIP! But no problem, just enjoy it! hahahaha!

Last day of school which is the day everyone's wait for...  I'm wearing my favorite banana print unisex T-shirt from Argyle & Oxford, and yes banana always made my day! And thank you dad for the sunnies!

Am also wearing this oversized shirt from Soepshop and yup I bind it on my waist. Also this pin bracelet on my wrist, made by yours truly. 

Beanie H&M . T-Shirt Argyle & Oxford . Shirt Soepshop . Jeans H&M . Shoes Zara.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dear all my visitors, 

Good morning guys!  First of all, i wanna say thankyou to all my friends who gave an advice for me to blogging.  So, finally i make it true!. 

In this blog , i  will posting anything that i love, everything that i did, my portfolios and many thing that hopefully can be inspired for you guys to do something new.
I hope i can give the best and my blog will be usefull.

A bit about me, I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia on 8th June 1995 which is I'm 19 years old now, not too late to start blogging hahahhahahha. I'm the only child who born with name Stefandy Yanata Hariono, but you just need to call me Andy. I'm just an ordinary boy who loves so many kind of art, that are design, photography, dancing and singing. Fashion is my world, I love doing anything that related with fashion. I study at ESMOD Jakarta now, intake from 2013, which is will be graduated in 2016 for D3, and I wish I can continue my fashion academic abroad, Europe!!!! Hahhahaahh .

That's about it if you have any questions or any advices, let me know.
Have a wonderful week a head.

Best regards,
Stefandy Yanata Hariono 
email :